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Vedic Astrology Personal Consultation.

Vedic Astrology Personal Consultation.

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 I will help you to understand your inner world, find your own unique life path, discover your talents and what it takes to be successful and happy.

 You can access all possibilities given by the universe to get them done in order to satisfy yourself in all areas of your life.

 I'll open for you all secrets hidden in your horoscope, to help you to find answers for yourself.

I will tell you about your life, material wealth, real estate, family relationships, children and education.

I will also tell you about your problem periods as well as life partner and career.

You will also find out what strengths and weaknesses you have.

l am using Vedic Astrology tools and methods for obtaining this information.

These are the houses of the horoscope, signs, planets and nakshatras, various yogas and conjunctions, as well as divisional charts, various systems of periods and much more.

I will tell you everything you need to live a peaceful life.

The duration of the consultation is 2 hours. Maybe a little more if you have any questions.

Book consultation today and get one year prognose for free!

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